Sour Expressions – 2016

sour-expressions-04sour-expressions-no-2-duvar-ssour-expressions-no3sour-expressions-no4sour-expressions-no5sour-expressions-no6sour-expressions-no7The inspiration of this project is the “God Statues” erected at the summit of Mount Nemrut in Turkey. Even the heads of the statues are separated from their bodies, they still keep the expression. We aim to simplify and transform the organic human face forms into defined basic geometries to enhance the feelings and the expressions by using the low poly technique.

The characters of the Sour Expressions are chosen from Anatolian people. Due to the tough life and nature conditions of Anatolia their souls and faces got harden and expressionless.

Lemon is the metaphoric catalyzer of this situation. Human face unexpectedly reacts the lemon acid. In Sour Expressions, described characters are shown in those unexpected expressions which they avoid to be in daily life.

Sour Expressions No1 Dimensions: 150cm x 100cm x 60cm
Sour Expressions No2 Dimensions: 75cm x 50cm x 30cm
Other pieces are in progress.
Hand-cut, acrylic painted on paper.