PAC Landmarks – GF Smith – 2017

The Gherkin 01-sThe Gherkin 02-sThe Gherkin 04-sThe Gherkin 05-sThe Gherkin 06-sThe Gherkin 07-s




The Paper Artist Collective was approached by G.F Smith to create a series of paper sculptures for their 2017 Colorplan Global Conference in London.

​Inspired by the event’s location the brief was to recreate London landmarks out of G.F Smith’s signature range of papers Colorplan.

12 members of the Paper Artist Collective from 3 countries (UK, Spain & Turkey) took on the challenge. There was only one rule, each sculpture had to sit on a stack of Colorplan paper measuring 42cm x 42cm. The open brief allowed for maximum creativity and expression from each artist.

We were one of these artists who created a famous building: “The Gherkin” by Norman Foster and Ken Shuttleworth

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 65cm
Hand-cut, Colorplan paper.


*  Last 3 photos are taken by Sammie Quinn