Arçelik – 2017​

Wash Me from Pomus Creative on Vimeo.
00 toplu-s
01 buzdolabı 1-s
03 buzdolabı3-s04 buzdolabı4-s05 bulaşık1-s06 bulaşık2-s07 bulaşık3-s08 çamaşır1-s09 çamaşır2-s10 çamaşır3-s11 katalog-s

Arçelik is Turkey’s biggest home appliance company. For their flagship store in Istinye Park (a shopping mall), we created 10 pieces of brand’s vintage and recent collections with paper. Also made a stop motion video with Pomus Creative Studio in Istanbul.

Dimensions: 1/5 scale of the original sizes.
Hand-cut, colored canson paper.
10 pieces: 3 washing machines, 3 dishwashers, 4 refrigerator.