Afife Jale Movie – 2018

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Yapı Kredi Afife Theater Awards // Opening Film from Pomus Creative on Vimeo.

Making of Video:

Yapı Kredi Afife Theater Awards // Opening Film – Making of from Pomus Creative on Vimeo.

For Yapı Kredi Afife Theatre Awards of Turkey, we were asked to create a video concept with Pomus Creative for the opening and awards category videos. The idea was bringing the basic elements of theatre in a world which was only made of paper.

The movie starts with a scene of an envision of a director who wants to put the piece on. As director works, the audience is also becoming a part of this journey with lively played Valse Sentimentale by Tchaikovsky as a theme song. We witness the process of writing the script, selecting costumes and décor, lighting, music and the rehearsal. After everything is seen on the stage, the movie was finalized with the burst of applaud. At the last scene, we see the face of Afife Jale -who was the first Muslim theatre actress- as the door of theatre closing.

This 146 secs. movie includes 8 different sets. Produced and shot in a month.

Art Direction: Türker Akman / Papier Atelier
Creative Production Agency: Pomus Creative
Producer: Veysel Değertekin
Director: Ediz Anavi
Direction of Photography: Emre Boz
 Deniz Çizmeci

Music Director: Barkın Balık

Cello: Çağ Erçağ, Piano: Eren Aydoğan
Sound Design: Catchy – Emir Yargın & Arel Koray Nalbant

2D Compositing: Murathan Sırakaya, Ruhi Yapıcı, Ulaş Emir Mutlu, Soner Küpücü

Color: James Charles Norman

Director Assistant: Hazal Aztekin

Lighting: Kerem Yalçın / Efendi Işık

Backstage Video: İnanç Kalaycı

Art Team: Deniz Yılmaz Akman, Gözde Kösemen, Gülhan Kaçmaz, Betül Sena Tilki, Büşra Güldibi, Şule Yılmaz, Beren Tekin

Equipment Sponsor: Edelkrone