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Türker and Deniz Yılmaz Akman are an artist duo based in Istanbul. They are designing paper sculptures, installations, window displays and prop designs under their brand called Papier Atelier.

Their artistic field of view is to reflect the authenticity they are surrounded by with elements of modern art. The philosophy behind their works is based on hand crafting and slow living as they prefer to work with the most naive material; “paper”. Their aim is to express organic forms, feelings and situations in simple defined geometries.

One of the most crucial things that they care is the ‘cycle of paper’. The first sketches are born on a sheet of paper, then digitalized and processed with computer, and printed out after preparing templates for hand crafting and for the last touches. So, the process starts and ends on paper.


Türker Akman is a sculptor and architect living in Istanbul. While he was studying architecture, he took courses on art theory, art history, architectural photography and sculpture. After working as an architect on green and sustainable architecture projects for many years, he decided to change his route to the field of art and sculpture which was focused on “paper”. Now he is creating paper sculptures, installations and giving lectures on paper crafting with Deniz.

Deniz Yılmaz Akman is a writer/publisher and photographer. She was born and raised in Istanbul. She studied sociology then had a master degree on new media design and creative writing. When Deniz spent several years on media field as a writer and photographer, she realized her passion for printed publications. Besides working with her partner Türker on paper art, she founded a printed lifestyle magazine; match-up mag in 2013.